There are a number of evening activities available. On the arrival evening the fire drill finishes around 20.15  and the rest of the evening is usually taken up with students unpacking and  making beds. Pendarren has one member of staff on night duty who can provide an evening activity. If there are two or more schools in residence then the use of the instructor has to be shared amongst the schools. Following an initial briefing by the instructor many of the activities are suitable for visiting staff to oversee.

Heartstart and First aid

Students have an opportunity to learn some basic first aid including bandaging, the recovery position and CPR using manikins supplied by the British Heart Foundation.

Night sky

A presentation on what students can see followed by an outdoor session in the garden, which just happens to be in Britain’s first Dark Sky Reserve – see the moon, stars, constellations, planets, meteorites and even the distant Andromeda galaxy. Resources include powerful binoculars with which you can see the moons of Jupiter and the rings of Saturn.

Bouldering room

The indoor, low level climbing wall can be used for a variety of challenges. Instructors can run sessions for up to 16 students at a time, so if your group is larger than this they would run two or more sessions.


Indoor course in the house for those wet evenings. Clues are well hidden so it is not as easy as it seems. Students have to be secretive to win or they give away the locations to the others teams. Outdoor courses – choose from a variety of courses in the garden and in Pendarren Park.

Murder Mystery

Coming soon


The Countryside Study Centre has plenty of space and is well equipment with art materials. Students can work in teams to produce muddy maps – this map is a pictorial representation of their journey during the day and includes things they have collected on route.


Experience the night with no street lights. A local walk to hear the sounds of the night and see the night sky.

Problem Solving

A series of fun challenges will test the students ability to work as a team.


A fun way to finish your course. You can use our CD’s or plug in your phone/ipad etc to play your own music.


Smartboards with projectors now in House, Annexe and Countryside Study Centre, please bring DVD.


Blindfolded teams of students follow a rope trail through the woods.


A Pendarren themed quiz – to find the answers contestants need to explore the house and grounds.

Talent Show

Some teachers like to organise a Talent Show.

The following require booking, dependant on availability


Daniel Morden is our local storyteller, and is occasionally seen on stage in London and visiting schools in Haringey. His books are available in the Big Green Bookshop in Wood Green. There is a fee for this 45 minute evening session (which is currently subsidised by the Friends of Pendarren). Currently £1.50 per pupil.

The Spacemen

are back!!  Please contact Pendarren as they are often booked up.  In an inflatable dome, the students lie back and watch the night sky unfold above them. Run by an enthusiastic retired teacher who know everything you need to know above the night sky. No fee, but donations appreciated.   Other evening activities


The diary is a simple but useful tool to encourage students to think about their achievements, teamwork and emotions and to express these in words. For some students it will be one of the few tangible things they have to remind themselves of their Pendarren experience in years to come. The secondary diary has a standard daily sheet which encourages students to reflect on both their and others achievements during the day. Download all diary pages from: Group leaders/downloads.


Open as required. See Student page  for items and souvenir prices.