Pendarren House can offer a range of activities and subjects to cater for the needs of secondary school students.Courses are run in a friendly and caring atmosphere, and the blend of stimulating activities make for a memorable and truly educational experience. A residential course at Pendarren House can be one of the high points in a young person’s life.  As well as confirming and expanding the knowledge laid out in the National Curriculum it can make a significant contribution to their social and personal development.

The experience of coming to Pendarren House Outdoor Education Centre helps to bond the students, gives the students further experiences to add to their CVs, adds to the school’s extended curriculum which is recognized by parents and OFSTED and ensures that your students get strong practical grades.

Most of the activities have strong cross curricular links to broaden and enrich a student’s experiences. During the course students review and recount their experiences in various forms, contributing to many aspects of the curriculum. The outdoor environment gives a real life context to the studies the students undertake in the classroom, enabling experiential learning to complement your teaching. In addition to this, it provides an exciting stimulus which also enhances student’s learning.

The benefits of a targeted course at Pendarren House are particularly successful.  At Pendarren House we can train and assess your students in a number of outdoor activities or fieldwork regardless of which exam board you use. The courses are specifically designed to ensure all criteria within the school or examination curriculum are stringently met, using a number of training and assessment methods. Your course will be run by experienced staff with a huge passion for the great outdoors. This leaves you free to support your group, take photo/video evidence or be fully involved in the marking process.

Some courses mix classroom based learning supplemented by learning opportunities outside the classroom designed to raise student confidence and self esteem as well as enhance the indoor learning. Pendarren House can tailor a course to suit your needs.The menu on the left gives an indication of the range of support Pendarren House can give to secondary schools.