Availability calendar 26.6.19. Availability to August 2020 showing provisional and confirmed bookings for each accommodation block. The highlighted dates are the nights that the accommodation is booked.

Group bookings

New bookings Haringey schools – bookings are being taken for 2019-20.  All schools will need to register with Haringey’s Traded Services in order to book www.tradedservices.haringey.gov.uk/Home

Out-of-borough groups, non-school groups and for further information and prices please contact Pendarren House.

Forms to be returned to Pendarren House

Once you have booked Pendarren will require the following forms:

To be returned at least 12 weeks before the course:

Group confirmation v3

Primary Option Choice v7

Please note High Ropes is out of use for summer term 2019.

To be returned at least 3 weeks before the visit

Group details forms v2

School parental consent form v3 This form is accepted by Haringey’s Health and Safety Team

Supervising adult consent v3 form

To be returned at least 1 week before  the visit  Primary Group List v2  or  Secondary Group List v2

Bedroom list  Dormitory List – House    Dormitory List – Annexe     Firs ground plan

For Haringey Schools only

At least 6 weeks prior to your visit: an application for an educational visit will need to have been submitted on the electronic management system EVOLVE, approved by your Educational Visit Coordinator and Head Teacher.  The Haringey Council, Corporate Health and Safety Team, will then be in a position to review the application and hopefully approve it.

Pendarren risk assessments do not include your journey to and from Pendarren so you will need to complete these.


KIT LIST This is the suggested kit list for visitors to Pendarren.

Primary school diary pages for schools to print off as required

1 Primary cover    2 History of Pendarren and National Parks    3 Your week at Pendarren    Sugarloaf – Mountain and Moorland    Sugarloaf map    Sugarloaf map colour      Table Mountain map    Table Mountain Walk    Welsh dictionary    Welsh Folk Museum     Pony Trekking    Question sheet for Making Maps    River Study    Storytelling     Steam survey data sheet    Coast Day

Coach route to Pendarren

Coach drivers using GPS or without local knowledge sometimes have great difficulty reaching Pendarren. If you arrange your own transport please use the map to make your journey easier! Map – Coach route to Pendarren

Visiting Staff Feedback

If you did not have time to complete a feedback form at the end of your visit, please use this one  School review sheet vr5 and email to Pendarren. Thanks.Primary Option Choice v5Primary Option Choice v6Primary Option Choice v6Primary Option Choice v6Primary Option Choice v7Primary Option Choice v7Primary Option Choice v7Primary Option Choice v7