THE FIRS self catering

If you would like to book the Firs, check the availability (on the downloads page) which shows the nights the accommodation is booked. Look under the Firs column for your required date.

If available, complete the booking form below and return to Pendarren. Contact Pendarren for any queries.

Note that activities are booked by the full day. You can have an activity in the morning and another in the afternoon, but they have to be on the same day. If you wish you can just have a half day activity, but the full day rate still applies.

 Booking form, terms & conditions, prices

Firs-booking-v20 September 2023

Activity for groups staying in the Firs

You can choose two activities on the same day, but there is no half day option.

Please note that the Pendarren site, including the Firs and surrounding grounds, does not allow pets and is subject to Haringey Council’s strict NO SMOKING policy.