Are you coming to Pendarren?!

Learning outside the classroom is great fun – it gives you a chance to experience things for real instead of watching it on your TV, phone, iPod, iPad, Xbox or PlayStation. When you visit us you will be faced with new and exciting situations and challenges, and as you travel on your personal journey at Pendarren you will face these challenges in a team to support you. The downside is you might get wet, or muddy!!

We promise when you go back home you will be exhilarated, inspired and have the confidence to do more of the real challenges you’ll experience while in our care.

If it’s your first time away from home, the experience is probably exciting, nerve-wracking and a little bit scary! But we aim to make it lots of fun. The boys and girls have separate dormitories with bunk beds.

Check out our Newsletters for comments from students who have visited.



Pendarren has a small tuck shop selling postcards and stamps, sweets, drinks and souvenirs.

Souvenirs (16.10.18):

Pendarren Postcard 40p

Postcard and stamp £1

Teddies £3.50

Lanyards £1.50

Sheep Pencils £1

Erasers 50p

Drinks bottles 800ml £2.50

Sheep keyrings £1.50

Notepads and pens £2.00

Playing cards £1.50

Karabiner pen £1

DVD £2.50 At the end of the trip there will be a DVD available with photographs taken throughout the course as a record of the schools Pendarren Experience.
The Friends of Pendarren purchase the cameras, DVDs, protective cases and the DVD copier and any proceeds from the sale of DVDs goes to the Friends to purchase resources for the students.

Note that prices and availability may change.


Pendarren has a variety of books including novels for students aged 9-16. These have been donated to Pendarren so if you have any books you would like to donate that would be suitable for this age group please bring them with you. Copy of Library Book List


Pendarren House is well used to catering for the diverse cultures in Haringey, as well as those with special dietary needs.


Your school will issue advice.


During the course a camera will accompany each group and at the end of the course students can buy a DVD with all the photographs of their schools visit. There are usually hundreds of photographs on the disc making a wonderful record of the students personal journey whilst at Pendarren. The cameras and protective cases are purchased by the Friends of Pendarren and any money raised from the DVDs is spent on replacing cameras, cases and purchasing other resources for the students who visit Pendarren. See the Friends page to see what else the money they raise is spent on.