The fish in the picture is trying to jump the weir in the river below Pendarren House. It has spent 3 years in the sea and is now returning to where it was hatched. It will not feed on this journey. Exhausted, it may eventually make it back to the sea.

We will make sure your Pendarren Experience is not quite so difficult!!


The fish does not consider why it is making the journey – but we hope you will:

Some questions

Why do  you want to visit Pendarren?

What do you hope to achieve?

What are you looking forward to?

Who will help you achieve your aims at Pendarren?

What will you learn about yourself at Pendarren?

What things will you do at Pendarren that you have not done before?

How will a visit to Pendarren help your school education?

What will you find difficult?

What will you learn about your school mates and teachers?

What will you find easy?


 And some words that may help you:

challenge  confidence  responsibility  independence  resilience  determination  new experiences  teamwork  leadership  communication skills  understanding  tolerance  respect  natural world  self esteem  environment  life skills  health  fitness  friendship  awareness  motivation  differences  self  others  fun  risk  adventure  expectations  cooperation  change  enjoyment  helping others  supporting others  encouragement  facing fears  learn about strengths  natural world   curriculum   science   maths   geography  english  history  art  biology  sustainability  curiosity