Whether it’s your first time or you have been before, coming to Pendarren House is going to be enjoyable, challenging and exhilarating. You’ll be experiencing some real adventures in very exciting places – rivers, beaches, caves, crags, mountains and gorges. If it’s your first time away from home, don’t worry, Pendarren House is homely, warm and comfortable and we cook fantastic, tasty food-  your Teacher can let us know if you have any special dietary requirements before the course begins.

Your activities will be organised in advance and you may have the chance to get involved in the planning. Talk to your Teacher or Organiser and find out what they have planned.

We want you to experience success and to understand what teamwork really means. To make this happen you will need to make sure you follow instructions; act responsibly and safely; consider others, and to have a go at everything!

Your school will give you advice before the visit, here are some tips to help you prepare:

Packing – are you going to pack your case so that you will know what is yours?  (especially if there is anything new in there that you may not recognise). Is your name on the labels of your clothes? (to help you identify it if someone else has a similar garment).

Your school will give you rules regarding expensive items and money. If you cannot afford to lose it then don’t bring it, we cannot guarantee you will not lose anything.

Photographs – a Pendarren camera we accompany each group,  at the end of the course you can buy a DVD of all the pictures of your school visit, usually several hundred pictures. The money received  goes to replace cameras (which get flooded, broken, dropped, lost, stood on etc etc –  which is why we request you don’t take yours on activities), waterproof boxes to protect the cameras and resources for students. See The Friends of Pendarren page for more information.

Do you have any books/novels that you don’t want that you would like to donate to our library for other students to read (for ages 9-16)? If so please bring them with you.

This is our standard Kit list, your teacher may have some additional requirements for you.

Journey to Pendarren

The journey time will vary depending on the traffic but there will be a toilet stop en route to Pendarren.

Think about why you wanted to come to Pendarren, what you hope to achieve  – we will be asking you when you arrive.

What expectations do you have, what do think your week will be like?


Remember – when you reach Pendarren check around your seat to ensure that you have not left anything on the coach.  On arrival you will meet your instructors, usually have a quick tour, lunch, and then we get out on the activities as soon as possible. Your Pendarren Experience will have begun!!